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to grow your business on social media

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Jackie Slade from the Secret to Website Success

It's getting harder to be seen on social media

We’re told to do this type of content, that type of content, post this often (but not too often), make sure you do this, and don’t forget to do that, use hashtags (but not too many) – it’s so complicated and confusing – and in the end, how much difference does it actually make?


We’ve become conditioned to rely on social platforms to increase our audience and become more visible, but their rules have constantly changed.    We’ve become fixated on vanity metrics and scared to take our foot of the ‘posting’ pedal, in case we miss out.


Spend less time

creating content that doesn’t get seen, worrying about how many likes & followers you have and feeling frustrated


connecting DIRECTLY with people who are interested in your business, AND actually want to work with you, and giving real value to those people

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