What if you could grow your business

WITHOUT SPENDING all your time & energy ON SOCIAL MEDIA ?

woman typing on laptop

Are you feeling...

Burnt out creating content which barely gets seen

Exhausted trying to work out what you should & shouldn’t be posting

Tired of spending too much time and energy on your phone

Frustrated that you can’t reach more people & move your business forward

Worn out trying to make sense of the constantly changing algorithm?

I understand exactly how you feel.  Running a small business is challenging enough without having to spend all your time trying to get noticed!

Do you find yourself thinking...

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Your account isn’t growing the way you’d like it to and feel as though your business is stalling.

woman frustrated and worried


if your social media accounts were hacked, restricted or deleted without warning?

How much would it damage your business?

How would you stay in touch with your audience?

Would you have to start all over again from the very beginning?

Everything you’ve created and worked for could be gone in a moment…

After all your hard work, don't leave it to chance!

The number one mistake many small business owners make...

They spend all their time and energy on social media – trying relentlessly to get seen, post the right content at the right time and find the magic solution that will finally make it work for their business. 

It’s like trying to hit a moving target!

Don’t overlook your website.

EVERY business should have one – it is your most important asset. 

And if it isn’t optimized and used to its full potential as your number one salesperson, you are seriously missing out on sales and leaving money on the table!


Stop spinning your wheels, shift your focus and transform your business


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A COMPLETE SELF-PACED COURSE WITH SUPPORT That will take you step by step from fed up and frustrated to COMPLETELY CONFIDENT!

website success formula book


the secrets to success




your business online

3 easy steps to success

number 1

sign up

Take action now to future proof your business, stand out from the crowd and know that your content will be seen!

number 2

unlock the formula

Step-by-step, you’ll unlock all the secrets and know how to make emotional connections and more sales!

number 3

get results!

Stand out online and grow your business consistently without being a slave to social media anymore!

My promise to you

no tech experience needed

You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience – we start from the very beginning and go step-by-step to make sure everything is set up for success!

work at your own pace

You’ll have lifetime access to all the resources, so there are no deadlines to worry about.  You’re in complete control, and can learn as and when it suits you.

lots of support along the way

I’m here to help you every step of the way.  Support is available to you for as long as you need it in our private community.  There’s no such thing as a silly question so ask away!

Hello! I'm Jackie


That's me in a nutshell!

I’m not very comfortable on camera – it doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’m much happier behind the scenes quietly working away, and I find social media exhausting, intimidating and overwhelming.

As small business owners, we’ve got SO used to relying on it that we feel we can’t step back from it.  That there is no other way to grow a business.

But there is a much better way.

I’m here to help you be seen, stand out from the crowd and supercharge your business with a great website, so that you don’t have to spend your life glued to your phone!

woman smiling

“I had the opportunity to go through the Website Success Formula course before launch and can honestly say it has changed how I feel about my business.

I’m about to launch my new website which looks so good, and I am feeling much more confident and positive.  This course is about so much more than just website creation – it will reboot your business and your mindset!

Ella S, Cambridge

woman smiling

“Before completing the test run of the Website Success Formula, I had a very basic website, which I didn’t really like or talk about – it was just there.  Jackie’s course has made such a difference!

I have completely changed the whole look and feel of the website, and have already noticed a difference in the number of enquiries I’m getting.   I am proud to talk about it now”

Jo Evans, Southampton

What's included...

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course image mockup
notebook and pen

Set the stage

Discover the 5 secrets to website success and how to use the power of story to connect with your audience so that they fall in love with you and your business!

keyboard and mouse

Behind the scenes

Get to know your way around everything so you’re set up for success.  No tricky tech or anything scary – we’ll take it step by step so you are completely confident!

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The Main Event

Get creative and bring your amazing website to life.  You’ll use our ready made template and step by step training, so it’s easy and enjoyable.

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Get audience ready

Learn how you can effectively engage your audience, add tons of value, turn them into raving fans and keep them coming back for more!  

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Backstage pass

Unlock the key to running a great website with minimum effort and maximum confidence.   With our easy training & checklist – you’ll be in complete control!

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Opening night

Celebrate everything you have achieved and launch your amazing new website to the world with positivity and confidence!  You did it!  

You will learn -

Exactly what you need to say and how to say it – to capture attention

Exactly how to lay everything out – to engage your audience

Exactly what to do – to keep your website working for your business 24/7

key and treasure chest

Don't waste any more time struggling!

A COMPLETE SELF-PACED COURSE WITH SUPPORT That will take you step by step from fed up and frustrated to COMPLETELY CONFIDENT!

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Program starts 1st September!

$ 247
  • Everything you need to know in easy-to-follow weekly bite-size lessons
  • Lots of support along the way in our private community
  • Lifetime access to the resources - go at your own pace and revisit as often as you like!​

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could...

confidently spend less time on social media, knowing your business was growing on autopilot!

bring in new customers consistently and easily with a website that really works for you - 24/7!

stop feeling pressurised by social media because you felt so confident in your website!

Common questions

The Website Success Formula is suitable for all service based business, coaches, consultants and bloggers.  

Whatever niche you are in, and whichever country you are located in – this formula will work for you!

There are 12 lessons in total, grouped into 6 modules.

A new lesson is automatically released to you each week.  This is so that you don’t feel overloaded and overwhelmed with too much information all at once, and it means you can focus on each module fully before moving onto the next.

The modules are set out in a logical order so you can build on your knowledge and skills as you go through the course.

Not at all.  There is absolutely no rush!

You get instant and lifetime access so you can work through at your own pace, and revisit the lessons as many times as you like.

You will have full access to our private community – where you will be able to post, ask for feedback, share what you’re working on and connect with other business owners!

The program excludes your domain name cost (£10-15 per year), web hosting (approx £40-50 per year) and the Elementor Pro theme which you will use to design your website (£40 per year).

I will help you get all of these set up on the course in week 3.

We use the WordPress platform as it is the best, most adaptable platform available.

As well as being secure and stable, it is optimised for search engines and will allow you to add to and alter your website in the future as your business evolves, without having to start all over again at a later date!

You don’t need to have either –  we start from the very beginning, and I’ll walk you through all of it.

If you do already have a domain which you would like to use, I will show you how to transfer this over within the course, once your new website is ready.

I’ll take you step by step through the process from start to finish with video trainings and guides.  

The program includes my fully optimised website template, which will ensure your website is laid out in the most effective way.  

You will just complete each of the steps and fill in each section of the template for your business.  No previous experience needed!

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Program starts 1st September!

$ 247
  • Everything you need to know in easy-to-follow weekly bite-size lessons
  • Lots of support along the way in our new private community - opening 1st July!​
  • Lifetime access to the resources - go at your own pace and revisit as often as you like!​

Go the extra mile, and you will stand out from the crowd!